Welcome to Vägen ut!

Women's Shelter
For women with drug addiction who needs protection from violence.

We are open 24 hours a day.
Call! 031-91 27 41

Vägen ut! is a co-operative that offers services and products. We create real jobs for persons far from the regular job market. Our enterprises have over 100 employees, most of which have gone from being on benefits to entrepreneurship.

We have bats in the belfry, experience of addiction, criminal thought patterns, disabilities, stress symptoms and a constantly growing number of social enterprises with a turnover of more than SEK 54 million annually.

Our enterprises have a double mission. They sell environmentally friendly products and services, while creating work for individuals who cannot enter the labour market. We reinvest profits and create more jobs. This means we have social goals for our entrepreneurship. We start and run our enterprises together. Business acumen is combined with democracy and empowerment. This produces vigorous enterprises and real jobs.