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Annual report 2014anette i trädgården

The most important goal for Vägen ut! is to create work. Our results for 2014 show that 72 percent of our turnover goes to paying wages and employer contributions. This makes us proud. We have 110 employees, of whom 72 are women and 38 are men. Together, we have 59 children under 18 who are growing up with a mother or a father who is needed at their place of work and can pay his or her bills. Read more in our report.

Annual report 2014 Vägen ut! kooperativen (pdf)

Annual report 2013

Annual report 2013 Vägen ut! kooperativen   (pdf) 

Annual report 2012

Annual report 2012 Vägen ut! kooperativen (pdf)
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Annual report 2010

Annual report 2010 Vägen ut! kooperativen  (pdf)


Bild ksCareer support

– a route-to-work-chain through social enterprises for
people far removed from the labour market. 
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Vägen ut! showed the way in

Social enterprising and empowerment.
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Bild 46Kajskjul 46 

Kajskjul 46 runs a textile printing operation, a training
kitchen, Green services, a laundry and Re-do & Re-furn
Design i.e. reuse of textiles and furniture. They also work on integrating people who, for different reasons, have ended up outside the regular labour market. 
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Exitprocesses and empowerment

A study of social cooperatives in the Vägen ut! project.
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The network for better future of social economy

European Social Franchising
Expert Seminar
14–15 April 2011, Genoa Italy
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ESFN – European Social Franchising Network

Vägen ut! is one of the members of this network of
social franchising chains.
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From the public perspective – Short version

An introduction to Socioeconomic Reports. 
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From the public perspective

A summary of reports on Socioeconomic Reports for 
Vägen ut! kooperativen and Basta Arbetskooperativ.
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